About Latinx Writers Collective

The Latinx Writers Collective aims to provide writing resources to the Latinx writing community that include access to books about writing, events to connect writers with each other, writing meet ups, workshops, and readings. 

The Latinx Writers Collective is currently based in the New York and Tri-State area. We strive to have as many free resources available online as possible so anyone anywhere can have access. We plan to include people not in the area through online events and we hope to expand to other areas over time. Stay tuned! 

Creator and Coordinator

Grecia Huesca Dominguez is a writer, editor, blogger, and author. The idea came to her when she realized she didn't have access to workshops meant for communities of color. It quickly snowballed beyond a workshop to wanting to provide resources for other writers so that they too can create their own events. 

Instagram: @the_next_hemingüey

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